Audio track is dipping on export

Hi all! I have Cubase Artist 13, it’s brilliant but I have a slight issue…

Currently recording my band, there’s 15 different tracks of audio/midi/fx. Everything sounds perfect when I play the project, but when exporting to WAV, certain bits of the audio tracks are dropping out for very short periods of time.

Again, everything sounds fine when played in the project, and there aren’t any cuts etc where it’s dropping out.

Any ideas why this would be?

The audio track was one take (so no cuts near the issue) and the waveform looks good.

I have bounced/rendered the channel, created a new channel and moved the audio in, exported with/without insert effects, but it still won’t fix the issue. I’ve exported to WAV/FLAC in different bit rates/hz, as well as real time and offline.

The image attached is the project, the channel ‘L’ is the issue (this is the hi hat channel which is causing the issue). The timeline cursor is exactly where the issue is on export.