Audio track is picking up Midi track when recording.

Hi there…

I just started having this problem- I designed a midi drum track with Slate Drums. When I go to record the bass track, it records the drums and the click onto the audio track.

I thought that the drums might have been sent to the audio track. Nope…

I have Apollo twin as an interface.

For the life of me I cant figure out what is happening… Ideas?


You cannot route the click to any Audio track internally in Cubase. So it has to be your audio interface settings. Some audio signal loop.

It might be caused by recording the sound bleeding from headphones or especially if monitoring sound through studio monitors. The pickups on electric instruments can easily record external sounds. My electric guitars and bass have been known to record the talking that was babbled during the audio recording. Especially frustrating when someone talks at the end of a take during the last note trail-off. Clicks are also notorious for this. What is the fix… a good set of earphones that will isolate the sound from getting out of the ear-cup and a strict “no talking” policy until you are way past what you want to record.

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Yeah it is definitely coming through the track… It is very strong. It also exists even after turning off studio monitors.