Audio Track not playing in Sync w/Wave Form

I’ve never had this problem, but I have two stereo tracks recorded of the same drum performance, and one is not playing in sync. So it’s the same performance, but the tracks don’t sync, even though the wave forms do. So one of them is not playing what the wave form shows, ie. when there’s an audible snare hit, it’s not there in the wave form. I’ve attached a screen shot of the 2 audio tracks, and of the original files in the media pool. I suspect it may be because one has “Broadcast wave” under “Type”, and the other has “AIFC File”, but I’ve never seen this behavior of the audio not corresponding to the visible wave form, and have no idea how make them match. Anyone else ever have this?


I’m also wondering why one of the file is AIFC and the other one is WAV. Any explanation for this? Also the length of the files is different in the Pool.

Could you describe exactly, how did you record these files, please?

They were on two different portable stereo recorders, one Tascam and one I think Sony. The different lengths is just because they weren’t turned on and off at the same time. The weird thing is that the tracks were in synce when I edited it. I think it changed after the update to 9.5.


Were the devices synced? If not, then there is no wonder, they are out of sync. Two different devices would also explain 2 different file formats.

As I wrote above, the audio files/tracks were in sync when I originally edited them.