Audio Track Output Routing to all busses isn't possible

I’m using Cubase 9 with a UR44 Inteface on an iMac running MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan).

This looks like a User-Interface bug. When working with an Audio Track in the Track Inspector, I’d like to assign the track output to ALL the output busses defined, not just one. One of my output busses is “Ear Monitor” which maps onto UR44’s headphone output 2. For backing track cues (stuff only I want to hear in my earphones), I map the track output only to Ear Monitor. For the other tracks, I want them output-routed to BOTH “Stereo Out” and “Ear Monitor”.
But, when I hover the mouse over the Output Routing icon, a tool tip comes up saying

"Output Routing (all selected with <Shift + Option + Click>)

The UI does not respond to this type of User Intention.

  1. Is it possible to map an Audio Track onto Multiple Output Busses?
  2. What is the UI command (mouse) to make this mapping? Is the “tool tip” wrong?

Steps to replicate:

  1. UR44 (or other interface connected with multiple Output Paths)
  2. Device Panel - define at least 2 Output Busses (Stereo Out associated with UR44Mix1, and Ear Monitor associated with UR44Mix2)
  3. Project → New Audio Track
  4. Open track inspector
  5. Hover mouse over Output routing control. What tool tip do you see?
  6. Act out the tool tip as specified in it.
    a. Are you able to map the Track onto multiple Output Busses?
    b. Does the UI provide user feedback that multiple Output Busses are now being routed?

If you can achieve multiple output routings in the UI, the next step is to test that it actually does the routings.
7. Save the Project, and Quit Cubase.
8 Fire up the UR44 dspMixFx program. Assign Mix2 to Headphones 2 output. Exit dspMixFx.

  1. Re-open the Cubase Project. Create 3 Tracks, all having the same input bus, but:
  • one output-routed to just Stereo Out
  • one output-routed to just Ear Monitor
  • one output-routed to BOTH Stereo Out and Ear Monitor
  1. Using an input to the UR44, monitor each track one at a time, listen to the UR44 headphone2 output to
    confirm the specified output routing

Test Multiple Routings

Use control room for that kind of routing.

Sorry, I forgot to mention I’m using Cubase Elements 9 (on the Mac).

What is control room? Is it in the Elements version?

I’m pointing out a UI bug to the Steinberg team…in Elements 9. A workaround would be good, but I don’t
recognize the term “control room”. Is that in the Elements version?

Elements doesn’t have the control room nor does it have direct routing. The only thing you can do is to use sends for this purpose.

Thanks for the clarification about Elements. In that case, there is a UI bug, the tool tip given when hovering over the Output routing is erroneous, and should be eliminated from the Elements version.

That said, Elements does allow rudimentary Output Routing. I created a Ear Monitor output bus (associated with UR44 Headphone 2), and can assign an Audio Track to be routed to either Stereo Out or Ear Monitor. If you want to have an Audio Track routed to BOTH busses, there is a workaround…you create a duplicate for each track to be sent to BOTH, and then assign each track its own Output Bus.

I am not familiar with mac keyboard layout but if “option” is the same as “Alt” on Windows than you missunderstand the meaning of this tool tip. It doesn’t mean you can route a single track to different outputs at once. its actually the other way round. It means you can route several selected tracks to the same output/Groupbus/Effectbus simultaniously.

And like i said allready. You don’t need to duplicate the track. You can use Sends for that. Sends can be routed to every output channel that has been assigned in the vst connection settings.

Thanks, Novik…the Sends fx works great and solves the problem. No need to duplicate a track.

Steinberg developers: You may want to change the Tool Tip associated with the Output routing widget…
something like “For multiple output bus routing, use the Sends effect.”