Audio Track Problem in Cubase Pro 11

I recorded an audio track (solo vocal). I created another audio track and using the scissor tool I cut and paste a section of the original track to the new track.

When I play the project I hear and see signal coming from the original track. How can that be since I CUT and paste the data to the new track?

Is this a bug? Will this be fixed soon?

This is happening in
Cubase Pro 11
Version 11.0.30 Build 419


Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Here you go

Track 131 is the original track. Track 132 is a portion of Track 131. When both tracks are unmuted and play only Track 131 is heard. Track 132 is playing nothing. Why???

When play the project I still hear identical sound coming from both tracks. The cut is not working.

Problem solved. I restarted Cubase Pro 11 in Safe Mode. Opened the project and everything is working fine. What is the root cause of this sort of thing? Is there something I should be doing [let’s say once a week] to keep memory from going haywire? Or is this the result of faulty plug-in?


Sorry, it’s hard to guess, why this happened in the project.