audio track problem

hi everybody,

well, i send this message cos i have problem with my acoustics guitar audio tracks.

I use a cubase preset on each acoustic guitar track i make. When I close the project and come back on cubase, the audio track is still here but doesn’t work. there is no sound!!! What is the problem.

Is it an uncompatibility with cubase presets. I record mono tracks. Does the presets work only on stereo?

I try to reactivate the tracks but there is no way. I’m obliged to open a new audio track and remake presets. Thanks god, the presets don’t desappear on the audio track that doesn’t work!!

please help

I can see that the track is like muted when I use cubase guitar presets but still working when i DON4T; How to reactivate the track when there is a preset? How to make it work again?
thank you

We probably need more info than you have given. For instance Mac or PC? Perhaps a screen shot?