audio track problem

cubase elements trial.
can’t hear audio recorded on audio track while playback when asio guard is on. when it is off, the audio is heared distorted and clicked (when scrubed it sounds clean and well recorded).

what is it?

In Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System, what is your ASIO Driver? What is your Input Latency? What sample rate are you working at?

digidesign mbox2
latency from 3 to 95 did not work

It’s a long shot, but check that you have the latest MBox2 drivers, because I tried getting it to work last year and it distorted, but more recently I tried again and found that the new drivers were OK. I think they’ve been updated this year…


I agree that you will definitely want to update the MBox 2 drivers. What operating system are you on?

win 7
the newest drivers i found don’t help, where can i find the newest drivers?

I would suggest checking Avid on their drivers