Audio Track Recording Issue

I have been recording with both a CI1 and UR242 on Cubase Elements 8. Mostly guitar recorded directly through HI-Z input on 1. Had no problems until today. When I select a track to record audio and hit record, the track name background turns red and the recording is distorted and low volume. Tried both interfaces - same result. This first occurred during recording session so I suspect software rather than hardware. Track background turns red even with no interface connected. HELP


Do you mean, the track becomes red in the track list? This is correct behaviour. This is a marker, the track is in record.

How can be the signal distorted and low Volume at the same time, please?

Distortion must not necessarily mean clipping from too high levels.

Yes, I know…

Then I would expect, the signal is distorted before it comes to Cubase.

Thanks all. I guess I never noticed the track name going red in record. I think the issue is with my Aura pickup system in my Martin guitar. I’ve been fiddling with that and I think I’ve got a good setting now. Thanks for the help.