Audio track shows it's recording then dissapears

Newbe to the forum and first post.

Cubase LE4 Ver 4.1.2, A/D converter Tascam US-2000, Win7 64bit OS 4GB ram AMD Dual Core 2.20ghz

Just discovered a small problem. When attempting to record a new track on a previously saved project everything looks fine till I hit stop. I see input on the Tascam, I see signal on the VU meters on the tracks to be recorded and I see the wav file recording in the track veiw pane. As soon as I hit stop the recorded info dissapears. I use a template that I set up for rehearsal recording so my routing should be good. I see signal getting to LE4 but all the new recorded information just dissapears as soon as I hit stop.

Any help youe be greatly appreciated.


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Gassghost the guy who wrote the post above had a similar thing happen
the track would dissapear.

Are you online while recording :question: — this dissapearing track thing— happened to me while my
cable internet connection was on recently.

Just a thought :bulb:

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Thnaks for the reply. Nope computer is dedicated to recording when doing so. I’m not on line when recording.


Gass: Is the new track the same sample rate as the saved project :question:
say 44.1 16 bit or :question:

  1. Project
  2. Project Setup
  3. Sample Rate
  4. Record Format

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PS: Drivers and Firmware up to date
Latency set to high when recording :question: