Audio track silent


Newbie question…Cubase LE AI Elements 8, after loading a MIDI track into Cubase, then addiing an audio track to record, nothing is recorded in the wav file, all MIDI tracks are set to use HALion Soniq SE. The wav file is created, but completely silent. However, if I create a new file that simply uses my Yahama MX61 voices, it records fine.

I’m sure this is something simple, but I’ve looked, and looked and can’t see any way to do fix this. Any help (and step by step) guidance how to fix this would be very much appreciated.


Hi and welcome,

Check your Devices > VST Connections > Inputs settings in the project. What are/is the Audio Port selected here?

Where is your Mic connected?

Hi Martin,

VST Connections - Input are:

Inputs: Stereo In
(L) mapped to Yamaha MX49/61-1
® mapped to Yamaha MX49/61-2

Stereo Out is the same. No mic connected… Am I doing something really dumb :slight_smile: ?


What is expected as the WAV? What sound should be recorded?


I had expected all the various (HALeon) voices that were set to record to be present in the recorded wav file?


If you want to convert the Virtual Instrument data to WAV (what is not necessary in most case), then you can Export > Audio Mixdown the track, and in the Audio Mixdown window, you can enable to import it back to the project. In Cubase Pro, you can use Render in Place.

Or you can add another Output Buss, and route the output of the Virtual Instrument to this newely created Bus. This newely created Output Bus you can use as an Input Bus of any Audio track. Then, you can record it in real time.

But as I said, in most cases, it’s not necessary.