Audio track strange behaviour?

Hi, I have just put together an oldish machine running xp sp2, with my old Audidgy Platenum ex sound card. I haven’t used Cubase VST for about 6 years, at that time my neighbour set it up for me and it all worked well.

I hope someone has come across this before:
I am using a midi track to trigger a sample on my Roland sp808, it is a four bar drum part, I am recording the audio out put of the 808 back into cubase on a audio track. The tempo is correct on both. I am using the EMU10KxASIO with the latecy set to 4ms. When I record the track the graphic display indicates the part doesn’t start untill about beat4 of bar 3, when it plays back it starts playing audio from beat1 bar1 but stops about beat2 bar 3. See attatchment.
I am having the same problems when using Cubasis vst.

Yours Faithfully,