Audio Tracks (all wav files) play out of sync

Dear Cubasis Community,

first of all i want to tell, that i am very impressed of cubasis 2. I have a lot of fun while playin and producing some music with it.
So far, so good. But now i realize a bug, which seems very annoying to me: while playing my piece of music, some of the the audio tracks (all wav, no midi) get out of excact sync. When i jump back a few bars while still playing (or stop playing, jump back a few bars and start again) the tracks get in sync again. But i am not able to play the whole piece without causing these sync problems. For a DAW with such a professional background it seems unbearable to me to live with such a bug. Is this issue known? Can i do sth. against it?
I would really appreciate any advice, thanks in advance!

Greetings, Duumvir

Hi Duumvir,

Thanks for your message.

So far we are unaware of the issue mentioned in your post.

To have your issues evaluated by the team, please provide us with a detailed bug report (see our bug reporting form below) that lists the exact steps involved and further information, allowing us to reproduce the problem.

In addition, please feel free to add a video that visualises the problem, and/or share the project with us.

In this case, please upload the files via DropBox or similar, and let me have the download links via private message.


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