Audio Tracks content disappeared !!! ????

What the hell is this ?

I had some ass kicking audio tracks that completely disappeared from a project !! - I hadn’t moved any audio from a drive to another or anything like this. There is absolutely NO logical explanation to this.

The track names are still on left pane, but no content (and can’t hear these). All other ‘‘non-audio’’ tracks are intact.

Any potential explanation for this ?

Maybe you unknowingly activated a new ‘track version’?
Is the audio still physically present in the directory?

Looks like Cubase has some .bak files, and i finally was able to copy the tracks and bring it back to the active project. So i assume the wav was still in the audio folder.

However, still no explanation how this could have happened to the active project… This is scarry and i will most likely create “renamed” projects as backups for a while or at least until i can reproduce this issue and hopefully understand why…

Did you check the track versions as suggested above?
That is certainly what it sounds like to me.

I’ve had the same issue while working on a project when I noticed that certain events along tracks were gone or moved…Now, I’m having the issue where the top bar menu titles are diappearing, again…or sudden freezes where I must reboot to continue, windows nor anything else responds.

All files and pilots are up-to-date!

Are you saying that nothing had disappeared - and was back there once rebooted ?

Looks like Cubase like having OS reboots for many issues… :slight_smile: And I hate rebooting a Hackintosh… 3 times out of 4 the BIOS will loose the MBR location for some weird reason, and I need to enter setup and relink correctly… Takes me to high cardiac tense every time…

I have had this happen a few times and it occurred while holding the shift key and adjusting the RND5033 equalizer controls. All audio tracks… gone!

Yes, some disappeared and others were move further down the timeline…

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