Audio tracks doesn't load

I have a problem that sometimes audio files doesn’t play and when I take a closer look I see that they seem empty. I just import them (or drag and drop) and it will work again. Not a big issue, but not very fun live on a gig. I use mp3 and wav, both types have the problem and it’s not always the same file from time to time. Worth to mention is that I use google drive, but I have it fully synced so the files are always local.

I also have problems to import some files. See enclosed video.

Could you pls send us one of the problematic mp3s? Thanks!

Does the event display say “Media Offline”?
The question is if you moved or copied your project and/or files in between. VST Live Projects store information about where to find audio files (and other assets), if it cannot resolve the stored path, it will not find it. It may be a problem with your Google drive, if the system gives VST Live a path to the google drive once, and the local drive at another time, but that’s just wild guessing. I’d recommend not to use shared drives at all, had some weird effects with MS One Drive too.

It says nothing. Something are there, and I can undo the import, but there’s no file. I tested today again, but it did not work. I tested the same song in WAV and that worked fine, but I have had problems with WAV-files as well.

My workflow is that I create my project on my desktop and live I use my laptop.

I have my google drive connected to a drive letter and I can see that it might be a problem if the drive letter differs from my desktop to my laptop, but this is a new project that only has been on my desktop so far.

Thanks for the file, we are checking.

We could finally fix import of the mp3 file that you sent. How did you create that? It is not quite conforming to the mp3 format, but so what. Thank you very much for helping, fix will be available with the next version.

I have no idea how it’s created :slight_smile: