Audio tracks go silent & midi piano roll view a mess

Ever since 7.0x my recorded audio tracks will suddenly not respond, no meter signal, just dead. It takes a full re-boot of PC to restore the track sound. Then tonight it did this twice in 30 minutes, typically it happens after long sessions, about 3 or 4 times a month.

The other issue is the midi piano editor is smearing, and getting jumbled, to resolve I close and re-open editor, and that fixes the issue, 50% of the time. My video card is working fine and playing a movie on one monitor, and Cubase on the other 3 monitors so I don’t think that’s the cause.

This is hurting my work flow as you can imagine, I am right in the middle of a score, and considering other options, have been with cubendo since 2008, really have never had any issues large enough to impede my work, until 7x.

Anyone, any suggestions on fix ? Its to early to throw in the towel just yet.
double velocity.PNG

For the editor issues, have you tried trashing your preferences?

As for audio, what soundcard/driver are you running? Have you got ASIO Guard on? I had issues with some customers’ setups with v7 for that reason; I think some drivers aren’t happy about what it does.

Hi, I have 3 moto 828mkii , and asio guard is on, also right now I just have a few recorded audio tracks so no stress on system.

I should note that my vst instruments work fine, I can hear them even though I can’t hear audio from recorded tracks, so the audio card is working fine during this issue.

It’s as if cubase stops reading the recorded audio.

Re trashing preferences, what is that & what does that affect? In the middle of large project so careful not to mess up working files…also are you talking about deleting a folder, or is this a function to run in options? Thx