Audio tracks going silent, midi tracks not playing

I have been getting into using Cubase. And the more familiar I am getting with it, the more the bugs start bothering and baffling me. Tracks I record will suddenly go quiet for no reason that I can discern and can’t be switched on anymore, it seems. Midi tracks will stop playing their VST instruments, for unknown reasons. And after some research online, I am learning that this is something many people experience. This makes this program a chore to work with.
Could you please fix these bugs and perhaps offer a work-around to deal with the problem, until then? Thanks in advance.

I know a few people including myself using Cubase 12 and we never see this. Have you got an example plus all you system details, screen shots of what you are doing. All sorts of user errors can cause this.

I’m on C12 pro and it happens to me regularly. What’s frustrating is that sometimes I don’t even notice that a particular track has gone silent until after I export and think “what happened to that …” It seems this is a bug with a long history. I’ve used Cubase since v6 and for the first time am beginning to consider switching to a different DAW.

Don’t really know if eventual Cubase bug(s) are involved, but each and every time I got silent/empty audio files after export, I previously made a user error (wrong setting) in the Export Audio Mixdown window.

More generally, the ‘completely silent’ DAW syndrom also happens to me sometimes and I almost always solve it by using the Reset button of the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System panel. Few days ago, me and a friend of mine who was visiting me were about to start a Cubase session : impossible to get sound of any kind, even after using several times the button evoked above.

To solve it, I had to stop my system, and power down my audio interface and relaunch my whole setup again : it’s the first time that this ever happened and I hope it’s the last one. This, using an audio interface that supposedly has the best drivers in the world (aka RME).

This to say that a DAW is a house of cards that can misbehave any time, simply because the OSes currently used by 99% of us (Windows, among others…) aren’t able to truely cope with realtime events such as audio ones - ASIO has been developed as a more or less acceptable workaround precisely for this reason. This, no matter which MIDI/Audio host we are using. I always have this in mind, when starting a DAW session…