Audio tracks have no sound after windows 10 upgrade


Sorry for my english!

Cubase Elements 10.5.20 worked correctly but last night i upgraded windows 10 (it was a long upgrade).

After the windows upgrade, Cubase runs, all of my tracks (1 midi/drums + 15-20 audio track) is available and visible.
(No error message at the starting)

The midi (drum) track is hearable but the audio tracks have no sound and no signal in the faders. (bass, guitars, etc.)

Everything was fine till this win upgrade.

Maybe someone has the same problem?

My control room/studio setup/audio connections setup is right.
Midi track is not soloed or other tracks muted…

I don’t know what to do…
I will be working on it at the evening. So i have now an idea about routing (tracks’ output), but if i am right, if i change the track’s output to ‘no bus’ the signal at the fader should be visible. But i didn’t see any signals at the faders of the audio tracks.
I will check it anyway…

My interface: Steinberg UR22C
All of the recorded wavs are in their place at the hard drive and there is no change of their path! (projects’ audio folders)
As i mentioned, no error message in Cubase!

Any idea may help, thanks in advance!

Regards: Gabor

Maybe try to start Cubase as administrator…

Thank you for your reply, but i always start cubase as an administrator.

Is the user is in the group administrator or do you use the function “start as administrator” always?

Right click on cubase icon and then ‘run as administrator’…

does the audio work in a new project?

I can try it in the evening. Thank you for the idea!

In my lunch time i created a new project, an audio track, and imported an audio file. It worked, i can playback (and hear) audio in a new project. But i don’t understand. I know the method of file management in cubase and everything is in it’s place. And the setup is right. (driver, audio connections). I think the windows upgrade causes the issue but i don’t know how to fix it.

The windows upgrade that i installed last night: windows 10 20H2

Hello! Problem solved! Thank You for the tips!
The problem was not the driver or setup…
The win upgrade was removed the activation of my plugin (Two notes Wall of sound).
So if you’ve got this plugin and make a win upgrade, check it! :slight_smile:

But my friend has got a same setup, he also upgraded his win 10 and his whole windows system has no sound. So it is clear that this upgrade causes problems with audio.