Audio Tracks Not Playing Back

I attempted to do a search to see if anyone has run into this issue with Cubase 6. Couldn’t find anything though.

I have a problem that infrequently all audio tracks stop producing audio. The meters don’t even show anything when playing back the project. Mute buttons are not active, nor is any solo function, at least not that I can see.

When I close Cubase and start it up again, loading the same project, all audio track play back fine.

Anyone ever run into this issue? If so, is this just user error, or is there a bug somewhere?



I have run into this.
It seems somehow related to jogging/shuttling, at least for me.
I have an MC Transport, and every once in a while when using the jog wheel or shuttle ring (I have not be able to re produce it on demand), the problem will happen as you describe.
The reason I think it is related to jogging/shuttling is: when the audio tracks stop playing back, once I use the Shuttle ring again, the audio playback and metering returns. If use, the spacebar to playback, no audio, if I use the play button on the MC transport, no audio, I just turn the shuttle ring even a little and the audio comes back.
Again, I can not reproduce this, but I know it only happens when I am using the jog/shuttle functions, and even then, it happens rarely, like once a week, and I use Cubase all day everyday.

Got to be the MC Transport, as you mentioned, as I use it and the MC Control and MC Mix as well. Interesting, especially since I didn’t mention it. Glad you found a workaround. I’ll have to see if that is indeed my problem as well.

While we are on the topic, there seems to be an issue with the MC Mix, too. The faders on their last segment down do not produce any data back to the application. So, when performing a fast fade, the volume in the Cubase track is left “hanging” at a certain low volume while the fader is all the way at the bottom. Euphonix/Avid has confirmed it and I am just documenting it here.

Thanks for the input, johngar!