Audio tracks recorded out of sync

So how do I align audio tracks so they start and end exactly at the same time (and sound on time in between) ?
The audio tracks in question have the same bpm, they just need them to be in sync, (doing this manually by aligning the tracks to the playhead’s position seems a bit arbitrary to be accurate enough, but if that’s the usual please way let me know).

Well, let me reply to myself since this very advanced question doesn’t have an answer.

Switch to Logic. Logic’s interface is much more logical and informative, better organized and less cluttered.

This “very advanced question” probably does have an answer. It might have been easier for somebody to help you if you had mentioned what software version you are using.

You waited one whole day, and since nobody jumped up to take you by the hand you bail?

Good luck with Logic.


That was the second post after 2 days of ‘oglers’ only.

The old cubase forums were great. Not only did help come consistently, but the helpers were patient, so good I kept going back to some of the replies for reminders.

Old cubase forums were the bomb, got so much great help, from someone named ‘mat’ something and others. In these new forums constructive helpers seem more sparse. In the beginning I kept getting this better than thou attitude by a supposed helper.

It’s a simple problem. Audio tracks off beat with each other due to starting at slightly different times. But with cubase it’s not the first time I’ve struggled with ‘dumb’ problems, such as no audio, or meters moving but no audio, etc, I reckon the latest cubase is far better and more streamlined but no updates were made available for cubase studio users, i.e. we who actually paid $300 for our software, whereas LE owners got free updates to C6.

This is the reason I’m still using studio 5 (which is in my user name btw), as shelling out full price for a new version of the same software seems idiotic. That’d be like if microsoft didn’t provide updates to windows users, but only full priced options.

The dongle doesn’t help. Have paid $60+ for 2 replacements so far, plus shipping time during which cubase doesnt work.

The tracks in question have a snippet of audio sticking out before each track, colored white, seen when zoomed in. It’s why I gave up on using the playhead as reference point to align the other audio tracks to since I couldn’t tell the exact beginning of the audio wave due to this white muted part confusing the matter. Have heard about hit points but that seemed like a tedious method whenever I looked into it, except for snippets of audio. Had hoped that cubase would’ve been able to detect the start of an audio wave and enabled re positioning other tracks to it by a click, but heck, guess there’s a reason cubase took leaps forward after yamaha took over.

I rarely post in response to threads that lead nowhere, but I found your approach to be breathtakingly ignorant.

First, the answer you were looking for will be in the manual, probably under the explanation of basic manipulation of events and parts, hitpoints, snap and ‘Snap to Zero’.

But when nobody immediately jumps to attend to your question, you make various assumptions about forum members and then attack Steinberg and Yamaha. Why so aggressive?

Knock yourself out writing some silly response, I won’t be checking back.
Good luck with Logic

You prove case in point by only responding when being reminded that no-one’s replying, and knew the answer all along.

Also, I made it clear that it was the second time around I asked the question, due to no replies for 2 days, then waited one day after the second post, meaning I waited THREE DAYS for a reply before responding to myself.

Gee, this should be called the ‘ignoring forum’, as now you’ve even decided in advance to ignore this very reply. What else do you guys ignore?

And knocking on steinberg. Yea, way to paint them as the victim. Is your favorite slogan “the customer is always wrong”?

Hey studio-five,

My only suggestion may be one you are already familiar with. Prior to transferring files, you need to arm every track and record a short sound that has a sharp transient response. I record myself slapping a ruler on the desk top just once. Makes the aligning process much easier in the new DAW.

All the best,

Thanks, finally. This will help me to narrow things down.