audio tracks shift out of time when played from start

After quantizing audio tracks. When playing project from start the tracks begin to get completely out of time around the middle of the project!

but when i stop and play from even that same spot the tracks are in sync again.

Is this a bug or a glitch or did I do something wrong??

I did restarting the computer it didnt help!!

I tried exporting the audio tracks one by one but even than they shift out of time… :exclamation:

tried both realtime export and offline export. tried removing plugins.

i dont know what i still haven’t tried…

You may have discovered a disastrous bug in C6.

re-recorded new Bass, still same problem

Try with a different time stretch alog ?

not yet. will try. i had elastique pro, wouldn’t the other one, the non-elastique one degrade audio?

You could try it…!?

tried with standard algorithm, the audio didn’t shift out of time but sounded ugly. thatn tried again with elastique and the audio shifts out of time again