Audio Tracks with Data but no Audio Sound


I’ve been having this weird issue lately on the latest version of Cubase 10.5.12 where I have recorded audio during my sessions and everything works as expected. That is until I open the same project a few days later to find that some of my audio tracks are shown as having data via the UI but there is no audio coming from them. Meters don’t move or nothing.

The workaround I’ve found is to create a new audio track, drag and drop the audio of the affected track having the issue to the new track and voila! The audio comes back.

I’ve seen this happen several times already within different projects and can’t determine what is causing the problem. The session is closed properly without any issues, Cubase exits without a crash but this annoying issue happens.

Anyone else seeing this problem?

Das tut mir leid. Ich habe nicht gesucht, dass dies das deutsche Forum ist. :laughing:

Did you have a look at the little brownish “monitor” button (the little speaker icon) on the track? If this is pressed while playing back you wont hear the recorded audio!

HTH, Ernst

Yes, that is one of the first things I’d considered. The monitor was not engaged.

Does this happen with every new project you create or is it specific to one single project?

It only happens with random projects but usually when I haven’t played them for a while and then open them to resume work.