Audio unit screen size

Hello there ever going to by a way to increase the screen size of audio units in cubasis.?

Hi John1289,

The Audio Unit size in Cubasis is fixed, allowing to use the on-board keyboard, providing access to tracks etc.


Lars, Can you please offer to open panels anywhere instead of some panels always only on the bottom? How about the keyboard on the bottom and the Mixer on the top? Or AU on the top with Micrologue on the bottom or vice-versa? My idea is to open the next panel wherever there is room. If the bottom is available, open in the bottom. If the top is available, open on the top. This makes it more user-friendly. Currently, if I place a AU on the master track (from the mixer) and edit it, it replaces the mixer panel and I need to open the mixer panel again. The same happens when I open keyboard, the mixer panel on the bottom gets replaced. Instead, it could be opened on the top.

Also, please offer dual keyboards - even if it means both keyboards together should be constrained to just half the screen (each taking up just a quarter height of the screen). See FL Studio Mobile where we can resize the dual keyboards to any height we want. GB, Magellan (more advanced setup), etc offer dual keyboards.

Also, the screenshots on the AppStore have too dark track colors (blue, blue, blue, blue - blue everywhere!) compared to the earlier versions that had cooler colors which made the screenshots look amazing and more appealing. Use the rainbow colors to show off Cubasis coloring feature. MIDI editor could use Note colors to show various colors based on the notes.