Audio units loading fail.

Hello guys.for quite a time now.i get issues when reloading a project with audio units.they sometimes fail to open.making me have to do the tweaks by the problem with cubasis or the Aus?please give a look at the video for better understanding.and one more do I mark an issue as solved in this forum?thanks in advance for the reply

Hi John1289,

Tasty music btw…
Will share the video within the team, and keep you updated.


Thanks a lot Lars.please keep me updated

Here is the latest music i made in cubasis

Hi John1289,

It might be possible, that the issue is related to a current iOS or AD issue.

Are you able to provide us with the project and steps, to check?
If so, please upload the files via Dropbox and let me have the download link via private message.

I’ve noticed a similar report in the Audiobus forum. Here, users seem to report issues in other DAW apps as well:


Hello there sorry for the late answer.
Step 1
Launch cubasis
Step 2
create a track (audio or midi)
Step 3
Add an fx into the track you created and Teak it a lil bit (Ad audio unit)
Step 4
Close cubasis and relaunch.

Hi John1289,

Thank you for your message.

Please check, if your issue is similar to the Audiobus forum report:

It seems, that the issue seems to be valid with other DAW apps as well.
Therefore I suggest to keep Audio Damage informed about the issue.


Hello Lars thats mine.a user from ios audio units facebook page help me post it on th audiobus forum because i couldn’t post over there

Hi John1289,

Thanks for clarification.

Since the topic seems to affect various other DAW apps likewise, please make sure to inform Audio Damage about the issue.

Thanks again,

Okk.thanks Lars…will get in touch with them