Audio Units on iPad

You are supposed to be able to use Audio Units when you subscribe, which could be an improvement over some of the included sounds. Well, I’ve subscribed but I can’t find a way to use the Audio Unit enabled apps, I have on my iPad. I would expect to find them under Routing in Play mode, but all I get there is Microsonic.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I am missing something obvious, but what? Any hints are welcome.

Sometimes it seems that you need to run another app, e.g. GarageBand, for the Audio Units to show up. We’re not sure why this is – Cubasis has the same issue. So try opening your AU in GarageBand, then restart Dorico and see if they show up correctly.

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That did it! Thank you so much. :+1:

Audio Units for iOS isn’t something I know much about. Would anyone care to recommend a decent orchestral sound set to use with Dorico on iPad?

I’d like to hear about it too, because I have never been able to find one. Frankly, I don’t think it exists :cry:.

I mean the one bundled with Dorico isn’t dreadful, but seems quite limited (eg no pizzicato, unless there’s a means to do it I’m missing…)

We’re also on the hunt for some good quality orchestral or solo instrument Audio Units. Do let us know if you find any that you think sound good.

iSymphonic does have some nice sounds but the trouble is, they are fragmented and divided among an awful lot of patches, some of which even combine different instruments. There is not one single patch for each instrument comprising all playing techniques. F.ex. there’s a patch for slow strings, one for faster strings, one for pizzicato strings, one for sordino strings etc. If only the developer could be persuaded to combine relevant patches into keyswitch patches, they would have an instant sales success.
There’s also Miroslav Philharmonic which, judging from the demo, sounds great, but unfortunately it’s host Sampletank is not AU enabled.
And of course there is Colossus Piano with some nice piano sounds.
In conclusion I have find Beathawk to be a very mixed bag and I haven’t bought many of the sound packs yet. Judging from the demo, the strings could have potential. And the perhaps the woodwinds. The Classical Percussion, which I’ve bought, does sound good, but because of the way Beathawk works which, to me at least, is rather confusing, I don’t know how well it would work in Dorico. I suppose I ought to give it a try.

My hope would be the Spitfire Audio boys and girls could come to some similar arrangement with you, like they did with StaffPad… Ok, not AU support as such (they have their own ‘player’ app) but some beautiful sounds, no question…

So I tried Beathawk.
The good: The Classical Percussion sounds great.
The bad: Beathawk crashes galore in Dorico and I haven’t figured out how to use it over multiple staves/instruments. It doesn’t look like it’s possible :cry:.

There are multi-output Audio Units, and they are supported by Cubasis to some degree, but we don’t have any specific support for them in Dorico for iPad. You would need to instantiate one instance for each instrument.

While I think Steinberg would have a winner, if porting their Iconica on the iPad, I would also think that the real game changer would be NotePerformer. I wonder if Arne is already working to adapt it to the new Apple processors.