Audio Units to VST?

Does anyone know if there’s some kind of utility or process by which I can access MacOS’s Audio Units via VST? In other words, using Apple’s own audio stuff, like Logic’s samples, within Dorico?

Audio Units are a whole different format, developed by Apple for their audio applications. They are parallel formats; vendors often provide both VST and AU versions of the same software.

That being said, if you’re talking about samples, you can output MIDI into Logic (via a virtual MIDi bus) and playback from there.

Yes: see my thread about how to push MIDI from Dorico into Logic using MacOS’s IAC Driver.

I just thought there might be a way to cut out the middle man wit a VST ‘wrapper’ for AUs.

Oh, right, that was yours! Sorry.

I’m no eminence on the matter, but I’m not aware of any such wrapper. They are essentially competing formats, after all… Though one is definitely doing better than the other, since I didn’t even miss/think about/realize that you couldn’t load AUs!

Vienna ensemble pro can host audio units and this runs as a VST3 plugin in Dorico. It’s overkill for an AU wrapper, but it can do that.

But Logic plug-ins are not audio unit compatible (unless something has changed that I’m not aware of), so I’m not sure why this would help. Which audio units do you want to use?