Audio Vari query

Hi, I am new to audio vari. I am trialing Cubase 12 from C9. It seems to be working well for me and incidentally it seems to handle multiple vst instruments much better. But that’s not the purpose of the post.

I am playing with audio vari on a vocal track and I noticed that the audio does not quite align with the blobs or visual cues. They seem to be separated by half a bar to a bars worth of difference.

Is there something I should be doing to align the sound and the visual images?

I have had issues like this once or twice in the past and usually discovered that I was running a plugin with high latency like Izotope Ozone on the track or master output. Have a look and if so, disable any plugins that might have high latency. Another example is Waves Debreath. If you have that on the track it causes delay when doing vari-audio etc.

Thanks Eddie I will check that out. I think there is Izotope Nectar on that track so I will try disabling it and see if it makes any difference.