Audio/Video Dropouts while saving UR242

Maybe you guys can help…

I have 2 systems. One with the RME AES 9652 and one with the Steinberg UR242. Both Gigabyte x99 designare, all ssd and 64g Ram. Main machine is 6900k with Nvidia gtx 1060 6gb,and the machine with the issue is 6800k, nvidia gtx 1060 3gb. Each is connected to a slave machine via VEpro. On the machine with the RME card, there are no glitches. On the Machine with the USB interface, I have very sporadic dropouts while listening to iTunes. Very sporadic. With iTunes, it may happen when opening a document or something as simple as that. 90% of the time there are no issues. The real issues happen in Cubase 9.0.20. I am a tv composer so I’m always working with video. If I’m working on a cue and hit command S to save, vid and audio will glitch quickly. Vid disappears for a 1/4 of a second or so and audio drops out quickly. Nothing too bad but annoying, and it’s not every time. I updated to the latest usb 1.9.10 steinberg usb driver, but to no avail. I also have tried the ur44 but that’s even worse. If I jump around with the marker shortcuts, it does the same thing. Almost like it can’t handle the workload? Again, all the drives are ssd. My affinity is set to use all cores.

No help at all except that I`m almost in in exactly the same position as above but with 2 x Asus x99AII and 6800K
One for work RME and one for home work UR44

Rme at work no problem.

Ur44 sporadic audio drop outs even in general computing very often when opening things, mouse click, drop out
Id say its 95 % the time no problem here.

Poor drivers for sure but really a usb Steinberg/ Yamaha driver problem and as such in the wrong forum but none the less exactly the same problem ive seen.


I also have the UR44. Seemed to be a little worse on my system. I am actually going to try it again today since they released the 1.9.10 driver. (that did not help the ur242). I’m also going to update the firmware on the 44. Have you tried that yet? I only ask because if you have and that hasn’t helped, I’ll just go get a motu or focusrite and if all else fails, just grab another RME card. They are so solid.