Audio Vocal Pitch Correction

I am using Elements version 10.5.12 build 123, built Feb 12 2020.

I am using the markers to isolate a note in my audio vocal track. I cycle through this so I can hear the note being sung. I activate Pitch Correct on the Inserts menu and manipulate the pitch by dragging the Shift number up and down as required.

The only way I can think of to correct the pitch is to use one hand on my separate keyboard to play the note I was aiming for. I use the other hand to drag the Shift until the notes sound roughly the same. However, this approach is proving a bit tricky.

Could anyone please advise how I could hear a guide note from within Cubase? I thought I might be able to click on the keys of the keyboard image that appears in pitchcorrect but nothing happens when I do this.

Alternatively, is there a way please to tell Cubase to apply the right amount of Shift to move it to a particular note?

Any support most gratefully received.

Hi and welcome,

Sorry, to don’t really reply your question really. But in this case, I would consider to upgrade to Cubase Pro and use VariAudio.