Audio Volume issues in chain -5dB or -48dB???


I have volume issues in my audio chain I cannot explain…

Cubase 7.5 (connects via FireWire to)
MOTU Ultalite-mk3

Cubase 7.5 routes the audio through mainOut at -5dB to the UltraLite
but when I check the CueMix (MOTU) volume there marks -48dB, so even if I put everything at max, it sounds kind of very moderated

There must be something strange in the chain but I can’t get it. Seems to me that something in the chain between Cubase and the SoundCard supresses the volume but I have no clue what (I have the impression it’s something digital, definitively not a connection issue)


Try to disable EQ and Dynamics on the MOTU Main 1-2. Are you sure you route the output to the Main 1-2? Isn’t it Analog Out 1-2? Could you share a screenshot of VST Connections > Studio, please?