Audio vs. MIDI metronome

I’ve been having this issue for many years now.
If I choose my own audio files under “Activate Audio Click” (option “Sounds” instead of “Beeps”) Cubase occasionally drops a beat or two while playing back or recording. This problem also happens sometimes even with the “Beeps” option (although with less occurrence). However, it never happens if I select “Activate MIDI Click” and use an external or even a VSTi to play-back the metronome clicks.

Besides this problem, I don’t have any other timing related issues with Cubase.I also remember having this issue with Nuendo 3 (and probably with earlier versions of Nuendo and Cubase, but I cannot verify this at the moment).

Is this a known issue? Is there something that I can do to mitigate this problem?

Thank you for all suggestions,


I program a MIDI track for a click. Never any issues. Dropped notes has been documented by others.

I’ve never had this issue with the built in metronome ever in anything I’ve worked with including Cubase but all our systems are unique with their own set of benefits and problems. I would just use a custom made metronome in the future I guess if I were you.


Although a good idea, I prefer to be able to change the sound on the fly so that depending on the material recorded I can prevent the click from influencing the performance.

Would there be any benefit in creating a MIDI track just for the metronome instead of using the “MIDI click” feature of Cubase to drive a VSTi or external instrument?

Yeah, if you notice, Cubase doesn’t remember the MIDI VSTi choice in Metronome Setup.

Look at the rest of Cubase! Beyond rocket science, at least the 1969 moonlanding haha! But really, the complexity is insane and I love the program …

… still, they can’t get the freaking metronome to work??? :confused:

ive always used external instruments on midi channel 10 for midi click … old school but no old fool ! :smiley: :smiley:

What can we do to elevate this issue? It cannot be THAT hard for SB to fix it!

I have this problem too. No offense, but these alternative systems are just not practical for scoring. I’d rather the metronome work correctly than do any sort of bandaid.

Audio metronome has been odd for as long as I can remember!!!

Sometimes when I have it connected to a sample it just lunches out altogether and starts to spike badly putting the output meters to beyond full whack and peg them there for a while. The only way to cure it is to restart Cubase.

It can work for days on end without problem then all of a sudden off it goes!

Sometimes … on every return of the loop on the “downbeat” between the locators the audio beep or *.wav is somewhat lowered or muted compared to the rest of the beats, sometimes it disappears completely.
Depending on what you do it can throw you off completely and your focus changes from the music to whether the freakin’ metronome will emit a noise or not.
Usually this happens when you DO NOT WANT TO have to deal with that kind of crap.

And again it’s only the metronom!!! In the mothership 6.0 that otherwise works like a dream!!! :sunglasses:

Chop off a slot from the VSTi Rack and place it in the Metronome Setup Dialog. Just thinking out loudly :wink:

What would be really nice is a metronome track, kind of like the tempo or signature track, that allows you to set independent click tempo and timing from the main sequencer with the added ability to put in click mutes.

Then I could set up a tempo track that can go double time and or into 3/4 (or whatever) with the ability to start and stop the click on command. I’m talking about changing during the track by the way!

Like when I need a click over some blank section of a song or stopping the click at the end of a song, or when the drummer need a section of double or even half tempo clicks.

At the moment I just write a separate audio click but I do like the way the internal click integrates with the control room.

Oh and not having a 300bpm limit! (double timed click at 150bpm)

Can we get some kind of verification from Steinberg that at least these issues with the metronome are known to them?
Getting enhancements would be nice, but getting the product fixed is probably even more important!


Big YES on this one!