Audio warp grid on actual track instead of separte window.

Audio warp/Free warp grid on the actual track instead of a separate window. This will make it easier to compare two tracks side by side. You can already expand them to make them the size you need for visibility.

Example: Layered Guitars and the bass track

I want to match both guitars parts and the bass to the same grid using Free Warp. This would be much faster being able to see the tracks together while warping. Why not have the audio warp grid show up on top of the track with a smaller options/features pop up window similar to the quantize panel that can be moved around.

+1 I would love to see this.

There are also other threads asking for this same feature. You may want to search for and post there also to increase the number of posts on them. It seems to be the best way to draw attention to the request.

+1 This has to be my #1 request! A feature like this would be MOST helpful! I’ve been asking for something like this for YEARS!!!


This has to be a…

+Take a look a Logic Pro X and copy that concept, where you can snap one tracks´s warp markers to another tracks`s warp markers etc. (please DO NOT copy anything else :slight_smile:)

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The single best thing you could implement to cubase is this.

+1, without this its 50% usable…