Audio warp in reverse

I am going to have a project where I will have 5 audio files of the same piece of music, recorded at different times. I want to be able to adjust the tempo track to fit one of the audio files so I can later time stretch the others to fit that “master” track. This is a concert work so there are some distinct changes in tempo and there will undoubtedly be variations in the tempo as the music progresses. Is there any reasonably easy way (or semi intelligent way) to set the project tempos to fit one particular audio track. (To make things worse, the master track will be strings.)


Select the Audio Event and use the Tempo Detection function from the Project menu, please.

After you can either use the Time stretch function, or you can try to use the Audio Alignment function to sync the tempo of the other takes.

I tried that with very poor results. I’ll try playing around with some defaults if I can find them.