Audio Warp issue for a single warp tab ?

When I free warp some audio… say one bass note was early , or late the way I do it now is to idenify the late noteand then put a dummy warp tab before and after the actual note that I want to move/warp . I do this to “lock” the transients before and after so only the 1 entended transient will get moved.
I think once several months back I was able to only move 1 transient and Cubase automatically placed “lock” tabs before and after what I wanted to move/warp . I think I had to press alt or cntrl as I was free warping.
But now I can’t remember how I did it ( or if I am just imagining that I did this)

anybody know how to do it, or have any other ideas on this?
I believe studio one2 will do as I decribed with thier bend tool , and I think /hope Cubase can as well
I am running Cubase 6.5 now .