Audio Warp Quantize in Cubase 7

Hi everyone,
Longtime cubase user, but only recently bought Cubase 7 recently and I’m stuck.

Cubase 5 used to have an audio warp quantize feature, but where has it gone?
Is there a way to quantize audio tracks from hit points?


Thanks for answering in advance


Use the Quantize Panel for quantizing Audio Events with Hitpoints.
Choose "AudioWarp from this Panel and then choose “Quantize”.

Hope this helps !

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 01.13.50.png
Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 01.13.28.png

Hi Robbie,
Thanks so much for that! Is there a keyboard shortcut?


Hi Tom !
Look in the Key Commands Window.
There is an assignable shortcut for AudioWarp Quantize On/Off (which is unassigned by default i think).
And also there is an assignable shortcut for opening Quantize Panel.

Hope this helps !


Just don’t use it with elastique’; it will give you inconsistent results(a fix is long overdue) and as a result of those poor results; you’ll lose your mind.