Audio Warp Quantize

Ok, having a weird moment with Audio Warp Quantize.

I have an audio file that is approx 5 minutes long. Strummed guitar was to a metronome, but drifts in and out of synch to the tempo. The hit points were detected very well. The hitpoints are about 97% in the right spot. However, about 1/2 way through the audio file it started putting the hit point on the 8th instead of the 1/4. I have quantize set to 1/4, Resolution set to 1/4 and the grid in the definition set to 1/4.

So, if the HP were on the quarter, this would be perfect with just 10 or 15 adjustments. Now, I have to manually move about 700 HPs exactly 1/8th to the snap. Any idea why it chose the 1/8th instead of the 1/4 snap when everything is set to 1/4th? Or, how to move several hundred HPs exactly 1/8th beat?

Feeling stupid today.

I can’t answer your question but I thought I’d say that I tend to add hitpoints and warp tempo in real time as the music is play, so in your case it could only take 5 mins to do it by hand. I stretch the window wide, then with shortcut keys and the mouse I insert or drag quickly while the cursor is playing. I move from stationary to continuous cursor with the F key to stop and start the scrolling. I also use Ctrl-ScrollWheel to scoll horizontally if I need to. It takes a bit of concentration but it works very well once you get it all under the fingers.


It took me an hour just to do up to that 360 spot. Doing nothing but move … move … move … move scroll. I’m only about 1/3 done. My hand was killing me.

Yep, I get RSI in my shoulders if I do too much in one go. I have learned to use my mouse with either hand so I can reduce the pain!

Did you use Ctrl-ScrollWheel to scroll, I find that speeds things up cause you don’t have to move the mouse so much. I also have a modus operandi where one hand is on the mouse and the other is on the keyboard, with custom shortcuts keys within finger reach. It speeds up those tiresome repetitive jobs like comping, hitpoint creation, warping, top/tailing, autotuning etc.


Can you not make a macro to ‘move next hitpoint 1/8th’? That just means you have to bash a button a couple of hundred times :slight_smile:

hmm… is there a command for that? That’s kind of what I was asking. I don’t see one.

I also have hand issues from years of abuse. I use both hands. I try not to use the mouse if I can. But, this operation doesn’t seem to be able to be done any other way.

I’m still puzzled why it went a bit of the way on the quarter note, then shifted an eighth for the remainder when snap is on the quarter. Especially, since it correctly got the hit point on the transient throughout (there are couple where it is off a 32nd or so, but I can fix those easily. Very confusing.