Audio Warp Questions/issues

After watching a video on Audio Warp I decided to give it a go. I went into the Pool and the first thing I noticed was that all the clips that were cycled had ??? beside them and the other clips had 120bpm. I highlighted all the audio in the pool and clicked Musical Mode. Worryingly all the clips with ??? showed wildly varying tempos, some as much as 30bpm difference. I use cycle recording quite a lot.

What is this all about? It would be good to know Needless to say the experiment with changing the tempo then led to a mismatch of tempos in the project.

Thanks in advance.

I merged a post into the topic: A BFD3 thread?, I think that’s what you meant @silhouette?

Any Ideas? I am intrigued with the idea of audio warp, but my explorations so far have been disappointing and confusing.

I’ve always attributed pool files that have ??? tempo’s with tracks that have multiple takes (ex: created Comp lanes) or with tracks that are edited in some way and not bounced. Similar thing with the odd tempo’s you are seeing, I typically record with a little lead-in/out of silence, ex: 8 bar loop recorded with 1 bar before I begin to play, and another bar after finishing the take. That results in an audio file that’s a little longer than what fits into the time signature and quantize setting I’m using. But the ???'s and incorrect tempo’s are corrected once I’m done editing and bounce the track.

Not sure if this theory is correct or “working as designed” in the pool. I’m under the assumption that the Pool files use time signature, quantize setting, and clip length to determine the tempo. If the audio takes are off a bit Cubase does it’s best to determine the tempo regardless of what the project tempo is set to. Just my take on what you are seeing, either way bouncing the track will correct the tempo in the pool.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you it certainly does help. It is what I suspected give the way the clips looked after warp was applied. Presumably you would then have to delete or mute all the tacks with cycled or unedited clips? I shall give it a go.

I have just tested this out with a new project. I selected clips and rendered in place for each channel. Deleted all the old audio and purged the pool. everything worked perfectly. I am sure I didn’t have to be so extreme but there were only 4 channels and one of them was midi. Probably it would be a bit more effort with a large project.

Nonetheless it is good to know how to get it to work and thank you for that.