Audio warp sampler track still terrible? Stretch engine in FL Studio is much better

Now that I have your attention don’t misunderstand me, I’m talking about the sampler track and the audio warp option, because the music mode seems to be very poor in the music mode (stretch engine), the conversion is extremely bad and playing with a loaded sample in music mode, makes the sound terrible as in a really bad quality… or maybe I’m missing something?

In FL Studio there is an option in the sampler called Stretch, and the sound maintains its quality and clarity as much as possible and without sound artifacts… it is actually impressive and quite good.

I can’t understand how a daw like Cubase hasn’t paid proper attention to this and on top of that it’s a very expensive DAW and has a lot of qualified programmers working on the features, the developers should check this out.

It cannot be possible for a DAW developed by a couple of people such as FL Studio to have better quality in this matter than a DAW developed by an entire company! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


lucky you to have a better option on hand. I would use that instead!

Have you opened the POOL and changed the Algorithm column on the audio file?

is that reply probably sarcastic one? I understand, don’t misunderstand me but in any case, I can tell you that jumping between DAWs for a single tool is completely uncomfortable and ridiculous. A tool so essential today, it shouldn’t have lacks in stretching engine, especially when Cubase boasts it to be one of the highest quality DAWs on the market in all aspects and normally I am agreed, overall I am very happy with Cubase, however in this case, I think there should be a review by part of Steinberg and make worth our happily invested money on them. :slight_smile: <3 (and is not sarcasm) Im happy customer.

Im not sure if I understand you, do you mean that I should change the algorithm before drop the sample in the sampler track? if that the case, what would be the best algorithm to have the best sound in sampler track?