audio warp

Is there a way to have Cubase put audio warp markers on every beat (e.g. put a warp marker on every quarter or eighth note) - so I can then go in and simply move the audio on the beat in order to time correct? (I know how to turn hit points into warp markers - but I rather want to put warp markers on beats). Thanks a lot!!

Not sure I’m understanding the point of this. If you were to put warp markers on the grid you would then pull them off the grid to get the hits on the grid. The result is the same as putting warp markers on hit points and then quantising but it’s a lot more work. Maybe I’m missing something??

Hi Grim,

Thanks for your response!

What I do is to put an orange warp marker on the beat (in Free Warp mode). then I can move my mouse cursor over the line of the orange warp maker (close to the top of the window) and I get a white double arrow (not the black double arrow with the little watch).

With that white double arrow I can pull sideways from the marker to the part of the waveform that should be exactly under the warp marker. If I then let go of the mouse button, Cubase stretches my audio so that that part of the waveform is exactly on under the warp marker - which is on the beat. Then my timing is correct.

What I want is cubase for me to put in the warp markers on every beat (so I don’t have to do that manually, which I can but which is a drag). Once all the warp markers are set i can simply drag with the double arrow to the correct part of the waveform and correct my timing.

If I use hit points they are never where I want them to be…



What I do is just click and hold on the position of the beat in the music, which creates an orange marker, then I drag the orange marker to the beat and let go of the button. The key here is that if you click, hold and then drag you can warp the audio to the bar position in one operation. The white double arrow movement you mention can then be used for refining your first warp attempt.