Audio warping and finding the median tempo

Hi hoping someone can help me out with this,

Use Case: quickly warp audio to its nearest static tempo (so to reduce any loss in quality, unnatural feel or ‘jerky’ sound).

Use the detect tempo feature
Expand the tempo map and visually find and set the mid point tempo

Question: is there an easier way/feature that will identify and set this mid range tempo? Or is there a easy way to warp such that you preserve quality and feel, I. E. Another approach I should be taking



Detect tempo function will create the Tempo Map. So the tempo will not be static, it will wary based on the recorded audio.

If you want to make a raw tempo “estimation”, use the Beat Calculator function. Then you can Tap the tempo and then insert it (as a static value for the whole project) to the project. Then you can warp the Audio to this static tempo to “quantize” it.

Thanks for your response,
I should have been clearer in detailing my question, my audio is not at a static tempo, it fluctuates, what I want is to warp it so it becomes static I. E. It might be 140-145 but I want it to be 142.00 so then I can easily record overdubs.


Do I understand you right you want to quantize it from this fluctuate tempo to the static one?

That is correct, I want to work with one fixed tempo that does not change throughout the project.


  • Select the Audio event and hit P (Set Locators to Selection Range).
  • Enable Cycle.
  • Hit Playback.
  • Project > Beat Calculator
  • Tap Tempo
  • Use Spacebar to tap the beats to find the average tempo.
  • Insert the Tempo value At Selection Start.
  • Open Sample Editor > Hit Points, enable Edit Hitpoints and set the Threshold for the hits, you want to quantise.
  • Open Quantize Panel, enable Audio Warp.
  • Set the grid and apply Quantize.