Audio Warping Multiple Tracks Simultaniously

Tl;dr: The ability to both create and move Audio-Warp points on multiple tracks simultaneously, complete with the ability to alter the snap grid very much needed.

I’ve just started a mixing project on Cubase 8 and couldn’t believe that this feature had not been introduced already, especially considering that both Logic and Pro Tools have had this feature for some time.

In my search for information on this, have found multiple threads in different areas of this very forum, one of which included a helpful gif which I have included above, lest I not be clear enough.

The only work around to this, currently, is to bounce the files to a 6.0 track, warp them, and then re-separate them. This is a nuisance to say the least, but becomes a real issue when editing some thing like a Drum kit, where you will commonly have upwards of 8 mics.

Any plans to introduce this?

+1! Desperately needed, especially for things like phase locked drum kits.

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