Audio weirdness

I installed Dorico yesterday, everything was working wonderfully until I shut down for the night.
Now when I have the Dorico open and try to listen to a video on youtube or audio from any software or website, the audio will no longer work.
The only audio that will work is through dorico And that is sometimes inconsistent.

When I restart my windows machine, everything works again until I open Dorico at which point all audio from other sources fail to work again.

in hopes of finding a source of this error, I have uploaded the error message from Youtube. However, this experience is not singular to YT, but all audio sources with the exception of Dorico

Go to Edit > Device Setup and in that dialog choose the Device Control Panel button, a new little window appears. At the top of that new window is an option called something like “Allow host application to take exclusive access”. Untick that one and you should be fine.