Audio with tempo info doesn't follow VST Live's Tempo

Hi, just purchased VST Live but I have a problem with audio files that include Tempo Definitions.

For example … I have audio and midi in my cubase project. The audio has a written definition of say 120BPM. I am playing the song at say 125BPM. In cubase the audio file (musical mode) will play at 125BPM and lines up with the midi. I then export the project for use in VST live.

When imported in to VST live the song plays at 125BPM but the audio does not. The audio plays at it’s original 120BPM and doesn’t follow the tempo track.

Am I doing something wrong?

No, VST Live does not support timestretch yet.

Thanks for the reply. Hoping it’s available in the future :crossed_fingers:

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As a workaround, I think if you render the 120bpm audio playing at 125bpm to a new audio track in Cubase, then export that new track instead, it should play at 125bpm in VSTLive.

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Indeed, this is a must-have, which would make me changing from Cantabile to VST live. Seems Steinberg need more time for catching up with Cantabile. But I hope Steinberg wont give p because there is so much potential having VST live and cubase from the same source.

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