Audio won't import with Video

I tried to import an AVI video into N4.3 and kept getting an era message regarding the audio part of the file. The video came in just fine, but not audio. I checked the properties of the AVI file and it said the audio was 48K. So I reset N4 for the 48K sample rate and I still couldn’t get the audio to import (???). My work-around ended up being to import the file into Vegas 9 and rendering the audio as a Wave file and then doing a separate import of that audio into N4.3

I know N5 will only import QT files now (that’s REALLY ANNOYING, since Nuendo was originally a PC based platform, but has now seemingly abandoned all things PC) but I don’t understand why the AVI audio file wouldn’t load directly into N4. Anyone know what’s up with that?

i’m fairly sure nuendo was always pc & mac.

aanyway, the audio is likely encoded with some rather obscure codec. open it in qt player,get info and see what it reports.

Nope. In 1999 Nuendo 1.0 was PC only with Mac promised soon to follow. It wasn’t until 2001 that you started seeing ads for Nuendo with the Windows and Mac Logos at the bottom and that first couple of years when Mac was available, all you read on the Nuendo forum was how the Mac version didn’t work as well as the PC version. Most of that was sorted out by N2.0.

interesting. we ran 1.5.3 on mac os 9 and i always thought it ran pretty well.

what happened with the audio codec issue?

All it said was that was a 48K sample rate in the details section of properties.

Like I said it hasn’t stopped the project because it imported just fine into Vegas 9 and I rendered it as a 44K and 48K-24bit Wave File. When I imported that Wave File into Nuendo 4.3 it loaded up without a hitch. I just wondered why it couldn’t go directly.

I’ll try it again later this afternoon and copy down the exact error message to see if anybody can hazard a guess as to what was going on.

BTW, isn’t N6 supposed to be released by now? I thought they said July of 2011.

Do you have the preference for “Extract Audio on video import” on or off?
I found this causes trouble (cannot remember what version now) so it is always turned off by default.
If I need the audio from the video I will extract it manually - after it is in the pool.
Seems to be better to me.

Ok, I’ll check it this morning. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I just checked the preferences. The Extract Audio was selected along with the thumbnails track in the Video Editing section. So that means that it was TRYING to import the audio on the initial import. So it’s still a mystery.

Did you try turning this off, importing the video, and extracting the audio from the pool yet though?
I have found that this works, whereas I often have issues if the preference is left on.

That was my original solution. I’m not trying to get the audio into the project. It’s in. I’m just wondering WHY it wouldn’t take the audio from the video itself?

post up a link to the file (or a bit of it). i’ll grab it and see if i can repro.

No idea why it happens, but it happened to me on a regular basis in N4 too, which is where I found that workaround.
Never did find out what triggers this.