Audio won't record in CUBASE

I’m a new user and I’m having trouble with starting up my Home setup. So, I’ve done all the connections right. Driver is installed and working on CUBASE. My interface is Behringer UMC202HD. I have my Microphone Behringer C1 connected to input one. I’ve opened a new project and opened a new audio track which is Mono. I’ve selected the right Channel Mono In 1 under the inspector. I’ve selected record enable and the monitor. Microphone channel shows signal and in audible through my monitors. The problem is when I record the track it does not show waveforms. The recording is blank. Again in the mix console my mono track shows signal but it does not seem active. Ive checked my audio recording on flstudio and it’s recording perfectly fine. The problem is definitely in CUBASE. This may be a basic issue. I’m not able to figure it out.

A couple of basic things…

  • You have the output of that track set to the main stereo output channel.
  • There is a user preference in the file/preferences menu where you can activate to show the waveform (sorry I don’t remember exactly where in the preferences menu it is).
  • You said you activated the track record enable and monitor functions but, did you hit the record button on the transport to record on the record enabled track?
  • Did you turn off the track monitor function when playing the track?

Regards. :sunglasses: