AudioAlignment doesn't work properly

Hello all,
I updated to cubase 10.5 from cubase 8 primarily due to AudiAlign feature.
It’s so convenient to have audio align inside cubase without the need to export audio to external software.
It’s my favorite new feature in cubase, thank you Steinberg for adding this useful feature!

But I always run into problems using it, often it overstretches the audio and makes it almost half the tempo of the original audio in some parts, which shifts the rest of the audio which results in completely unmatching audio track.

Are there any tips on using audio align ?
do I have some kind of option turned off ?

see this video, this is exactly whats happening in my situations:

Same exact issues here, I just gave up on it, doing all aligning manually, but planning to buy vocalign pro or revoice pro, if steinberg won’t fix audio alignment soon.

I’d say Audio Alignment works reasonably well about 70% of the time for me, with maybe only one note or syllable in a phrase misaligned, but sometimes its way way off.

I’ve been a long time user of Vocalign Project and that generally has a better sucess rate for me, I’d say about 85% of the time it works well on first attempt, and the settings are a bit more tweakable. I’d considered upgrading to Revoice Pro but thought I’d give C10’s Audio Alignment a fair go first.

In my experience, with both C10 Audio Alignment and Vocalign Project the length of the clips to be aligned seems to make a big difference, as do ambient noises, clicks, sibilants and breaths which can all throw the results out. It pays to clean up the audio meticulously before attempting either alignment process. Clearly annunciated vocal lines and dry DI’d guitar parts seem to respond best to treatment. A backing vocal part where a singer has purposefully dropped S and T sounds at the end of words often won’t align well.

The big plus point for me with The C10 Audio Alignment is that it’s super-quick to apply and if the aligned clip is out in one or two places but in the right ball park it’s easy enough to tidy up the results using hitpoints. If the results are unusable you’ve only lost a couple of seconds and can easily undo, no big deal. I usually consider it worth a try even if it doesn’t get a good result straight off every time.

The downside with Vocalign Project is that the workflow is a little bit clunky as you have to insert the plug-in, set up a side chain send, and then render the results. By the time you’ve done all that it’s pretty annoying if it doesn’t work out well. So, maybe it’s a bit more accurate on first attempt but it’s also more complex + time consuming generally.

I’d say so far that having Audio Alignment within Cubase is a step in the right direction, but it could really do with some further development/refinement. I’m going to see what if anything happens with that before I make the decision whether or not to go down the upgrading Vocalign Project to Revoice Pro route.

Yes; for me too, this is key.

So, to the OP - looking at the example posted in your video above; since on initial attempt it failed, next I would tend to split that file into two (or three) smaller chunks, bounce (render) these into new files, and try Alignment again.

And I agree as @Ian s says - more refinement with the tool needed; but it is better now than it was when first released (I found it quite poor) and is quick to try out for a ‘first pass’… undo if not satisfied…