AudioBox1818 Support

Although not on the supported hardware list, I can report that the Presonus AudioBox1818 VSL works to a limited extent with Cubasis, via the camera connection kit and a powered USB hub.
Cubasis only shows input one (out of 8 possible inputs) as being available, but this does allow single track recording into Cubasis. Interestingly, if I create a project using a fully supported 2 channel device such as the Alesis iPad dock, then plug in the AudioBox, I am now able to select from either input channels 1 or 2.
The AudioBox does work with other iOS applications such as Auria and GarageBand to provide a full 8 input channels, so any chance of a small tweak in the next Cubasis update to provide full support for this interface?

Thank you Steinberg for providing multi-channel support in the 1.2 release.
I can confirm that all 18 input channels from the AudoBox are now visible in Cubase, and I can record on all of these simultaneously.
(See separate thread on multi-channel audio configuration).

Hi phaz3d,

Thank you for your feedback, we are glad to hear it works :slight_smile: !