Audiobus: Cubasis to Cubasis. & a couple of questions

Hi, new Cubasis user here.

I’m trying to record from Cubasis into Cubasis with Audiobus.

I’ve done that recording from Amplitube already but I can’t seem to get it to work.

I’ve set Cubasis both to input and output inside Audiobus, then launched it.
There’s no armed track created by Audiobus available (as with Amplitube before).

Audiobus seems so easy to use. Something I’m missing here?

Also, 3 things:

  • How do I create a stereo track inside Cubasis?

  • Can I change the order of tracks i.e. move them up and down?

  • Please add the ability to change time signatures in the timeline.

Thanks a lot for your help!

hi jcologne,

we are currently facing a bug concerning Cubasis- To- Cubasis setup within Audiobus. Until we’ve fixed it you can get it to work if you add an app in the effectslot of Audiobus. Then go into Cubasis and within the Audiobus panel disable the effect (Power-icon-color will change to black).
Let me know if that works for you.

Concerning your other questions:

  1. If you add an audiotrack it will automatically adopt to mono or stereo depending on its input. In case you use an interface, the option to choose between mono and stereo input will show up in the routing panel within the inspector.

  2. To rearrange the order of tracks simply tap and hold on a track for 2sec and move it to its designated position.

    kind regards

Thanks a lot, Ludwig!

I was wondering, because I saw it working here:

Yes it did work before. As part of the restructuring of the audio engine some things have changed.
Until we’ve fixed it, the workaround via a middle app should get the job done.


It does work the way you suggested, many thanks!