Audiobus Using Undo my timeline Disappear!

Further to my last post if I record through Audiobus I see audio info going into the timeline and it plays back ok as I played it in. HOWEVER after putting a few tracks down if I use UNDO I lose all my recordings from the timeline. The first track still exists with its Audiobus instrument loaded but with no recording in either. The recorded audio doesn’t exist in any of the media folders. Audiobus is still running with all instruments loaded still. Am I doing something wrong or is this a software problem. Also at which point do Audiobus recordings get saved in the media folder as be trying to sus this all night and found Audio WAV files that I’ve created but not sure at what point they appeared there. It’s starting to do my Head in so any help appreciated. If I get another message saying CAN NOT LOCATE BACKUP FILE I shall scream!

Have you looked in the Trash folder, which you can do from within the App. As long as you haven’t started a new project you might find your missing audio in there!

Hi jumpercollins,

To help us fix this problem, could you please post here how to reproduce this error step-by-step?

I also just experienced an issue where my tracks were deleted when I hit the “undo” button. I was using a track I’d recorded with Audiobus and Jamup. I also had a midi track in for drums. I made a a mistake when moving around a piece of the jamup track, hit undo, and everything disappeared. All tracks went blank. Not so sure I can provide you anymore steps than that at this point, but I’ll try again.