Audiodrop that also changes place

Made a very short orchestral piece. 8 bars, 9 instruments on a high end pc. Everything was fine after mixing. That I started mastering. 5 inserts. Than a strange thing happend. There is a audiodrop of about 1 second. Strangest thing, wenn I restart Cubase 12 the drop is still there but on another palce in the piece. This happends everytime wenn I restart. Very strange. I have two questions:

  1. What can cause the audiodrop (never experienced this before in Cubase 12)?
  2. How is it possible that the drop changes place?

Hope someone has an idea.

Kind regards, CreativeFox

Hi and welcome to the florin,

I would start by testing the system by using LatencyMon utility. If it’s OK, I would try to increase the Buffer Size.

Could it be an instrument or an effect that isn’t really enabled?
And the copy protection is muting the plug in from time to time?


Or any plug-in in the Trial Mode?

Thanks for al the tips. I found out that is was the Ozone Imager 2 was the problem. I also have Ozone Elements (wich aso has the imager). So I guess the got in the way. Turning the Imager off didn’t solve it. Removing it did. Thanks agian,