Audioeditor: Vertical Split

Hey PG,

  1. Do a vertical split in Audioeditor
  2. Open a new file in the right window
  3. I would expect the new file to appear in the window I have selected (in this case=> right window)

It is always opened in the window that still has an open Audiofile (in this case=> left window)

I would consider this a bug.

Thx, Stan

This happens how you would expect here (9.0.35)
Maybe the tab host, on the right side, is set to how waveform only (in which case it has priority).

If you still think there is a problem, please upload more pictures (state before opening / after opening).

Hey PG,

here are three pics that illustrate the problem.

If theres already an opened file in the tile => right click works ![4_Vertical_split-png.PNG|1666x783](upload://h8ktKorLeENWBIJ571U5nzuVZSC.png) **Another Bug:** Dragging one or multiple Files to the other tile doesnt work in this case.

Thanks, this must be a bug, though I can’t reproduce. I will have to investigate.
Try to right click in the empty space, instead of clicking on the open button, to see if that makes a difference.
Your #5 I can reproduce.